♕LISTEN and DOWNLOAD♕ Will Amaze – God Will amaze You @iwillamaze @samixtapes


One thought on “♕LISTEN and DOWNLOAD♕ Will Amaze – God Will amaze You @iwillamaze @samixtapes

  1. @SpiritmanTp “Review” of Will Amaze – God Will Amaze You @iwillamaze Free Album on SAMNews @samixtapes 6/23/2012

    Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel. O you that inhabit the praises of Israel.

    Will Amaze has been on my heart a couple days now. Couple. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia… in (mechanics), a system of forces with a resultant moment but no resultant … Occurring or produced as a result or consequence of something. A force, velocity, that is equivalent to the combined effect of two or more.

    I got to tell you when I first played “God Will Amaze You,” The Holy Spirit began to deliver a message immediately! You shall have your confidence, just as your heart has desired.

    Then there was a pause a moment of waiting, but surely God is Faithful, and He lead us by still waters. You have given worship & praise unto the Lord with most of this project, I was feeling that! Sometimes we need to stop and just put God 1st always being obedient to His Will.

    #7 Outside of the Box is my joint!!!

    This project has something for everybody, I felt it reaching to elders as well as Teenagers. I felt growth through the process of putting it together. I encourage you to push on, going even higher & recommend everybody check out what’s been on Will Amaze Heart. If you wanted Worship & Praise in a project it’s right here! If you want something fresh and different it’s here too. Support Will Amaze as God uses and receives him!

    Will Amaze, I Appreciate Cha Bruh! I’m out.

    Grace & Peace


    Check Will Amaze Out Here:

    Will Amaze
    A producer, rapper, songwriter, Christian, and Harvard graduate from the Bronx, NY. Music is my ministry, Jesus is my Lord.
    Bronx, NY · http://www.willamaze.com

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