♔LISTEN DOWNLOAD WATCH♔ M.A. Double – Pass The Salt @madoublemusic @samixtapes

Album Bio: “You are the salt of the earth.” – Matthew 5:13; Salt has
been used as a preserver for many generations to keep foods from going
bad and in Matthew 5:13 Jesus is calling us to be preservers in a
generation that is full of wickedness and deception. Salt is a
‘flavorant’ which means that it not only adds it’s own distinct flavor
but it also enhances and actually brings out the flavor of whatever
it’s added to. When we are being ‘salt’ we are calling forth the
world’s true identity in Christ, as a new creation, because of the
Cross. When we “lose our saltiness” as Jesus says, what He is saying
is that we’ve lost our ability to bring out people’s true identity in
Christ, in which case we are “no longer good for anything, except to
be thrown out and trampled by men.”

Artist Bio: M.A.Double, Christian rapper from from Abilene, Texas. I
love my community because they give me so much support and I’m so
thankful. I grew up claiming I was a Christian but summer 2010 was
when I truly received Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now my perspective
on life has completely changed and I want to share my faith with
whoever God leads me to. I have a passion for music but it is nothing
compared to my passion for Jesus. I long to glorify God in everything
I do because of His amazing grace and love for me. Hip Hop is the
paintbrush I use to uniquely paint a portrait of the glorious riches
that are in Christ Jesus.




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One thought on “♔LISTEN DOWNLOAD WATCH♔ M.A. Double – Pass The Salt @madoublemusic @samixtapes

  1. Some powerful truth on this one! Pharisee Intro and Song are two much needed tracks in the Holy Hip Hop game. I think alot of times the way we present the truth does more harm than good. God bless you bro. Thank you for letting Christ use you.

    “Keep It 1Fithy”

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